January Garden Chores

New Year, New You
Garden Design Trends for 2019

OK, now you’ve got your resolutions in the bag, it’s time to get back to reality.

No more blue-sky thinking in a grey-sky month, time to get down to business. January can be a very unappealing time to be out in the garden, as we’re probably going to see the first frost soon and it’s not really getting any lighter. Did we mention it’s cold? It’s pretty cold too. But nonetheless, chores are important to prepare for what’s coming. And so, without further ado, the top two…

Think of the animals…

It’s a tough time for little critters. The ground is hard, the mammals are holed up, the insects are few and far between. So exercise your festive charity and make sure that you’ve got enough bird feeders, with a variety of feed, in different locations around the garden. Multiple heights will help maximise the attraction of birds, as will different sizes of feeders and boxes. As for ground-based wildlife, try and resist the urge to keep your garden perfectly pruned for another month or two. Leaving some areas uncut will provide shelter and protection from elements and predators, and it’ll make you feel warm and fuzzy inside.


The pruning list

OK are you ready? These are the main ones but make sure you know which plants in your garden need what care during January.

Wisteria: prune the shoots that appeared in August down to 3 buds maximum.

Rose bushes: they’re dormant and they’ll appreciate a sleeping hair cut. Trim them to just above the buds and remove branches that are weaving together or dying. Or dead, of course.

Ornamental grasses: the key is to cut back before new growth starts, as low as 3cm. It looks extreme, but trust us.

Perennials: this is just a maintenance job. Try to avoid any green growth on perennials, but get the old stems down.

Willows: investigate your willows for stems that aren’t at their best. Damaged, diseased, elderly and overcrowded stems will need trimming.


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