The busy aspect of a country and cottage garden design presents us with an exciting and unique challenge every time we undertake them. The often seemingly eclectic mixes of beautifully tamed plants and patches of wildflowers and grasses is what give this style its traditional garden look.

More often larger than small, a cottage garden design demands real thought and consideration to design the perfect style for an expansive space. Using cottage and country gardens in the best possible way is something we dedicate hours to in our briefs – from the multiple seating areas to extract as much sunlight from the day, to the manipulation of scale and structure through planting design.

Across rural backdrops, we always try to frame or maximise the views often seen from a country garden design. In stark contrast, the working areas of vegetable patches and turning turf need to be screened to maintain the aesthetic. The journey throughout a country garden design is more dramatic than any other style and so requires experimental thought to maintain a path of enjoyment in the outdoor space – from al fresco dining to secret hideaways and the concealed summer house.

Guiding you and your guests through this journey is a mesmerising challenge of blending traditional garden elements with herbaceous borders, striking focal points of water features and sculptures to draw people in any given direction.

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