Cottage and Country Garden Design

Cottage (or country) garden design is: relaxed, informal, and natural.


The busy aspect of a country or cottage garden always presents us with a unique challenge. The eclectic mix of tamed greenery and wild patches of nature is what gives this style its traditional aesthetic.

More often larger than small, a cottage garden design demands rigorous preparation before a spade touches soil. Planning for an expansive space, or at least one which requires incorporating into its scenery, is the most important part of the process in complex designs. Famously used as a space for frequent relaxation, cottage gardens require unique considerations such as the implementation of multiple seating areas to extract as much sunlight from the day, or the manipulation of scale, structure and zoning, through planting design.

With rural backdrops, it is common to try to frame or maximise the views often seen from a country home. And in contrast, the working areas of vegetable patches require screening to maintain the natural aesthetic. The journey throughout a country garden is more eclectic than most, which reflects the multi-purpose use of gardens in years gone by; from relaxing and entertaining, to growing and sowing. As such, greater care needs to be taken to create a more considered layout than most.

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