With outdoor space at more of a premium than ever in our growing urban world – town and courtyard garden design has risen to be the perfect answer to making the most of what we have. These popular inner city styles can reflect a multitude of styles – catering to whatever need or taste the client has, even ones that we help them discover.

Courtyard garden design is often contemporary, but the primary focus should always be on maximising the potential of the space on offer. This calls for clever design, intricate layering and collaborative imagination from the client and consultancy. An open mind is the greatest ally for an outstanding town or courtyard garden – to link homes with the open air space and create an outdoor room.

In the past we have produced successful Mediterranean garden design within courtyards, alongside traditional English town gardens, low maintenance projects followed by miniature vegetable patch farm courtyards. The sky is literally the limit when you’re designing for the town and courtyard. Addressing the needs of these two similar, but different, styles is something we love rising to.

Smaller courtyards demand the need for spacious design whilst larger town gardens can be designed in a series of spaces to enrich the journey throughout the garden. Maintaining intimacy in a large area is about giving interest and focus to every aspect of the space – maximising and framing the views of a distant landscape or the nearby home, whilst negative overlooks can be beautifully screened to keep the sense of seclusion.

Whether your outdoor needs lie in relaxation and unwinding under the open sky or in the laughter and chatter of entertaining guests and playing with children – town and courtyard gardens can be manipulated and designed to deliver on any dream you have.

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