Modern homes don’t have the benefits of a smallholding like they used to. Grounds have been replaced by gardens, fields by fences and plantations by patios. Whilst this change may not be to the taste of every outdoorsman, it does present us with a striking challenge – designing a functional and aesthetic outdoor space through clever small garden design.

Needless to say – here the focus is all about maximising potential. More important than ever is a clear understanding of the needs and desires of the client, as these represent the very first step in deciding on a strategy to tackle the project. We always try and open the space up, give the impression of a more expansive garden and apply whichever style works best for the client and the space. Often the extension of a small home, small garden design is undertaken with the effort to extend the space of a building – bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. An inventive design layout can blend both spaces seamlessly.

Small garden ideas work best when at their boldest and strongest – but manipulating statement styles where space is at a premium is a real challenge. Collaborative sessions with the client are imperative and a crystal clear brief of variety and purpose is the bible for small garden design.

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