Garden Design is at the heart of every project that we undertake. In and of itself, garden design differs from one company to the next and Eden Restored takes a unique and personal approach.

At the core of our consultancy, we believe that a garden should:

Reflect the taste, style and personality of its owner.

Fulfil the needs of its owner and any visitors to the home.

Mirror and complement the interior space of a building.

Be simple and stylish, but have a strong ‘bone structure’ throughout.

Remain a garden, whatever the design.

We are experienced in, and equipped to, undertake all manner of projects from small urban courtyards to large rural gardens. Our client list is predominantly around London and Kent but we have worked on projects around the UK and internationally – across multiple diverse styles. We understand and appreciate that no two people want the same garden and no two gardens are ever the same. Some of our clients love nothing more than to adore their greenery and get the hands and knees dirty in the vegetable patch – whilst others want a functional, clean and low-maintenance option for entertaining guests. It’s this breadth of personality and needs that makes our work so fulfilling and rewarding.

The all-important issue for us at Eden Restored, on any garden design project, is that you must be able to utilise your outside space however you want to. If you want us to design a beautiful aesthetic haven, we also want to make sure that you can use and enjoy that haven. Whether you’re looking for an earthy and active garden that changes with the seasons or a contemporary, minimalist space without the fuss – we listen, take (lots of) notes and deliver on our brief.

We understand that visualising a garden not yet designed can be difficult, but it’s what we do the best. Our role is to help you make the most of planting opportunities, design which direction your paths should flow to complement the shape of the space, the scale of your main features. We absorb your ideas, apply our expertise and design a brief that overachieves on every project. Satisfactory has never been good enough for Eden Restored.

Garden design is an investment and we know that any investor wants a return on their efforts. Fundamentally, garden design is a luxury product and our service is catered to reflect that – we want to enhance your wellbeing and your lifestyle, reflect your design choices and improve your home.

Don’t forget that a striking outdoor space can add numbers to the sale price of your home too…

‘Attractive gardens and the presence of trees increase property values by 5.7%’
Horticultural Trades Association

‘…having a garden landscaped can have a return on investment of 100 to 200 per cent.’
Landscape Design News

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