With the garden design industry as affected by trends and fashion as any other, contemporary and modern garden design has emerged as one of the most popular styles for 21st century life. This kind of project is a firm favourite of lead designer Sam Aldridge – who believes that the contemporary garden can clearly and instantly reflect the client’s taste. Whether the outdoor space is intended to mirror the modern home décor or to inject some contemporary atmosphere to a dated property – this type of landscaping can be enhancement to any outdoor space.

A great contemporary landscape will frame and lift the home through material choices, layout and plant sectioning. Sam’s love for contemporary garden design is their graceful ageing – of looking outstanding on the day they are finished and remaining classic in years to come. Whilst many consultancies will place form over function in modern garden design, Eden Restored has a principle of always balancing both.

A chief attraction of this garden is the attraction of low maintenance, which is more than achievable in all of our design briefs. We don’t make any sacrifices to achieve this; some of our most aesthetically striking projects have been driven by the need for a no-fuss lifestyle.

Working closely with lighting experts and suppliers, we make all of our contemporary gardens enjoyable and accessible throughout the nights and the colder months. You’d be surprised at how dramatic an effect lighting can also have on the features of our designs – we really go into these projects with the idea of creating an outdoor room an extension of the home. The perfect contemporary garden will blend seamlessly into the property and create a visual connection – maximising the space that your house has to offer.

Why should a home end at the four walls of a building?

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