Urban garden design occupies a very similar space as the town garden, in our consultancy process. Faced with the challenges of designing a beautiful garden amongst tower blocks and city buildings – urban garden design is a comparatively new school of thought and something we are finding ourselves fulfilling more and more. This style is an opportunity to create for yourself an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of the metropolis – a get-away space from the concrete and the tarmac.

Whether it’s the square footage to relax after a day in the office or an open area to entertain guests after a long week at work – urban garden design is primarily an extension of the home. With both indoor and outdoor space principally smaller in build-up areas, urban garden design is a chance for us to apply our clever and creative minds.

Many urban gardens are briefed with the important of low maintenance in mind, something we understand when living a busy city lifestyle. Most of our urban clients want an outdoor space that will look good with minimal effort, throughout all times of the day, night and year. But don’t mistake low maintenance for low personality – there are hundreds of varieties of plants with striking beauty which require little to no effort. Hardy flora and bold, selective choices can inject an explosion of colour and scent to the middle of the city – without you having to dust off the watering can and pruning shears every weekend.

Just remember that having a garden in the city means you’re already luckier than most. Make the most of your luck and let us use our experience and creativity to expand your living spaces. We have worked wonders with spaces as diverse as dark side passageways to post stamp courtyards, terraced back gardens to neglected fading patios.

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