Eden Restored has worked front to back over the years, quite literally. From acres of meadow to driveway flower patches, we love nothing more than having to apply our creative minds to the challenge of a new client’s taste. Nowhere is this more important than on the front of a home. Few passers-by will ever see the inside of your home, let alone your back garden – but all of them will see the way you choose to display your front garden.

Front gardens are there to stand out, to give other people a glimpse to the kind of person you are. Off-road parking is a great thing, but don’t let it overrule the potential beauty of your outdoor space when you leave for work in the morning. An outstanding front garden design will frame your home and life its setting out of the street. Grand entrances doesn’t have to mean pillars and columns – and hidden doorways don’t demand unsightly six-foot hedgerows.

We can make accessibility easier through clear front garden design, or we can give your visitors a challenge as they thread their way through wildflower and exotic flora. At its heart, a truly beautiful front garden can add curb appeal and the financial value of your home. You can reflect the cultural heritage of your local community or you can stand above the crowd with your own style.

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