Front Garden Design

Front garden design is: all about first impressions.


The oft-neglected front garden offers one of the best ways to create the home aesthetic you’ve been dreaming of. Few passers-by will ever see inside your house, let alone your back garden, but they will all see what frames your front door. This is your chance to communicate your style, set your tone, and increase your curb appeal.

From dramatic stand-out gardens, to functional space for parking and playing, the front garden is an integral part of the home. An outstanding example will frame your home and make returning from work all that more pleasant in the evenings, as well as helping start your mornings in the right way. Never underestimate the mood boost available from taking your first steps of the day in a beautiful and pleasant environment.

Front garden design is as unique and flexible as you are. It can improve accessibility to your home or give you privacy from the street, and it can increase the financial value, or simply be used to reflect the cultural heritage of the community or yourself.

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