Planting Projects

There is rarely anything which will have more impact on your garden than your choice of plants. From flower beds bursting with personality, to architectural planting for privacy,


You don’t need to be green-fingered to enjoy a garden full of bloom and blossom. Whether you live in the city centre and need an injection of nature, or you’re in the countryside and want to mirror your surroundings, planting projects are your answer. 

A key part of every garden design, our planting projects are centred around the aesthetic and experience you want. We’ll work collaboratively with you to design the perfect garden, based on style, structure, colours, scent, seasonality, maintenance level, gardening experience, and much more.

Our Lead Designer Sam Aldridge has cultivated his knowledge of plants from all over the world, so we can deliver an exceptional garden that will be the talk of the neighbourhood.

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Planting Projects

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