The idea of a planting project may not appeal to those who don’t consider themselves gardeners, but there is always more to an outdoor space than simply function. Whether you’re a plant lover or not, every garden can benefit from the addition of the right plants and flowers – particularly if you live in an urban area where you miss out on the oases of country living. You don’t have to know the exact roles, abilities and demands of each plant – suffice to say that with clever design, you can have a low maintenance, striking aesthetic within your garden without you ever needing to know the names of your flora.

Bold planting styles can inject a real outdoor charm into any garden, whether it’s for entertaining guests or for solitary relaxation. We can design entire gardens based on the gardening experience of the client or the amount of work they want to commit to – every level can be as beautiful as the next. Our experience and expertise as gardeners, as well as designers, will come into play here. Our integral love of the outdoors makes these projects as rewarding for us as the clients.

Inventive creativity can be the solution to delivering the type of plant styles that clients want, if there is a disparity between your gardening skill and your floral choices. We can produce and install timed irrigation systems to keep your garden in beautiful condition if your busy lifestyle keeps you away from the chores of the outdoor space. There is always a solution to an outdoor problem and nobody is more equipped to guide you through the process than the team here at Eden Restored.

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