Our Process

We have a tried and trusted process that has delivered dozens of successful projects over the past 10 years.


We’re not a complex studio, nor are we a large team. We’re a small group of passionate experts, who work under the vision and guidance of Sam Aldridge, to deliver excellence in the most stress-free way possible.

Redesigning your garden, or designing a new one, can be a huge undertaking. Our approach has always been to slow down and simplify,

partially because it keeps spirits high and imaginations active, but also because it allows for proper planning and preparation. You don’t want to notice an issue with your placement once your delivery of tropical flowers have already been bedded in. We hit deadlines and stay within budgets, through hard work, project management, and years of experience.


The very first step is for you to meet Sam, our Lead Designer. Together, we’ll discuss all of your ideas and everything that you envisage for your outdoor space, exploring your wants, needs and desires. Photos and measurements can be taken (a landscape survey for larger sites) and then we formulate your own personalised design brief, which will reflect everything you want your new garden to be. This process is the building blocks for creating the perfect garden.

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