At Eden restored we are enthusiastic and passionate about garden design, dedicated to bringing about a reflection of house and home in the outdoor space. Under the tutelage and supervision of lead designer Sam Aldridge.

Eden Restored is a value-driven company with a focus firmly planted in the art and craft of garden design; serving throughout London, Kent and Surrey. Gardens are an extension of the personality and lifestyle of those who inhabit them – time spent in the garden should be time spent in comfort and beauty. Eden Restored works collaboratively with its customers, combining their wishes and dreams with our professional expertise – letting the customer take the lead and instil their own personal touch. Our skill and experience allows us to apply a holistic approach to all shapes and sizes of outdoor space – including large or small garden design, cottage and courtyard garden design and traditional to contemporary garden design. We are sensitive to changes in the industry and in the preferences of our customers, we move and work to fit all budgets and design styles. We don’t impart our principles on your ideas. We are there to guide, advise and, when the time comes, get our hands and knees dirty to help turn your dream into a reality.

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