Secondly: don’t do Dry January. Just don’t. It will not make you happy.

Thirdly: do make some resolutions. We’re not against them all, just the ones that deprive you of a hard-earned Chablis. We can all make headway on our bad habits, and that extends to our gardens too. Chances are, you can think of something that you don’t do often/well enough, that would help your garden out. We all have those beautiful little quirks. Here are our three top tips on where to start:

Native plants

We’re guilty of this too. There are so many plants available now, more available than they ever before, that it can feel a little tame to stick to the natural flora and fauna of your area. But those are the ones that evolved in the current climate and alongside the current wildlife, so they are *quite literally* perfect for your garden. They’ll last longer, require less maintenance, and be more appreciated by your neighbourhood’s insect life. Plus – they’ll fit right in, obviously… #BuyLocal

Increase biodiversity

And whilst you’re at the garden centre looking for that ‘Made in Barnsley’ sticker, keep an open mind. Think about the non-flowering plants too (they’re the ones looking sad in the corner because nobody’s taking them home), not to mention plants with different bloom seasons, heights, structures, types and colours. The more diverse the plant life, the more diverse the wildlife and the more risk-proof your overall garden. There’s not much that can wipe out an entire garden of diverse plants.

Compost more

We know that you already use compost, but use more of it. Particularly useful if you’re growing veggies, compost is a natural Godsend for all types of plants. It’s not hard to make, but if you want enough for a large garden then you have to think outside the box for what you can use. Pretty much any organic material will do, but people always seems to forget things like leaves, pine needles, straw or hay, coffee grounds etc. And remember there are lots of way to compost (pit, open, comforter, hot) so you may want to set up multiple sites to maximise output.


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