Having an appealing garden is both an investment and a hobby. A good garden adds to the home’s beauty and can also add the value to your new home if you decide to resell. People who start making their gardens from scratch have the advantage of taking part in the critical activity of choosing the plants they want for their garden. The plants you choose for your garden depends on several factors such as your taste and preferences, the size of your garden and the soil type. Below are some tips to help you choose the best plants for your garden.

Assess your space

Determining the available space will help you estimate the number of plants you need as well as the best plant type for such a space. For example, shrubs may not be the best choice for a small garden that is close to your house but will work for a person with a bigger space. Knowing the area also helps in determining the best supporting materials such as the best pots sizes and designs.

Evaluate your soil

Knowing your garden’s soil type will help you choose plants that will grow healthy all year round. Choosing plants that are adaptable to such conditions will contribute to the success of your garden. Some soils such as clay soils are poorly drain while sandy soil loses water fast. Don’t try to plant a plant that likes good drainage if your soil is moist, or plant a plant that prefers moisture at a spot that is always dry. You can seek the help of an expert to determine the best plants for your garden’s soil type.

Consider your climate

It goes without question that local plants will do well in their local environments. Planting plants that fit your area’s climate means that you can have the beautiful garden you want at little or no maintenance costs. Plants that are well suited for your garden’s environment will establish quickly, have a healthy root system and grow into healthy plants.

Consider your water

The water source location is crucial in determining the ideal planting location for your plants. Have the plants that need water close to the water source as keeping them watered will be easier. You can plant the low water usage plants in the far corner of the garden because they don’t need much additional water to grow perfectly.


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