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Everything comes back around. Isn’t that what they say in fashion? Or was it some revenge B-movie from the ’80s?

There are multiple trends already cropping up in 2019; some new, some old. We try to maintain a respectable difference from them where possible, as every design project should be considered on the brief, the client and the space. However – when some of the most talented garden designers are experimenting with new styles, it’s hard not to pay attention. And much less fun. So, let’s have a look:

The subtle nod

Climate change deniers are worse than vine weevils. Fact. But luckily, gardeners are generally among the enlightened.

2019 is looking to be a landmark year in terms of the acknowledgement of this challenge, with nods to climate change and global warming playing a key role in the work of many fine designers. Ecological gardens that are built to withstand change and extreme weather, drought-resistant planting schemes, minimal irrigation systems and adoption of self-sufficient species. None of these are essential for current conditions in the UK, but they may well be in future years…

Suspended sculpture

Hanging plants have always been popular choices for designers, giving the opportunity to grow in closed ecosystems, away from ground pests and in stylish decoration. But 2019 will see an advancement beyond traditional hanging baskets, ushering plants with foliage, colour and texture to bring something new to pots and planters.

Sculpture will also feature highly, with large architectural houseplants translating into the garden with exotic-style plants making bold statements. Conservatories and orangeries will also see more large plants, in chunky hardwood containers.

Young dens

The growth of a younger appreciation of outdoor spaces is leading to a tweak in the way that they’re designed. Home gardens have long been the haunt of relaxing parents and exciting toddlers, with teenagers retreating to the isolated comfort of their WiFi-equipped bedrooms. Now, teenagers are slithering out and beginning to enjoy time outdoors.

The creation of secluded spaces is beginning to feature highly; screened from neighbours, buffeted by architectural plants, equipped with fire pits and barbecues. Good lighting for secluded areas, or power supplied to garden buildings, are hits for the younger enlightened…


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