It’s easy for us to say, but there’s no replacement for a professional garden designer. Their years of experience allows them to find off-the-book solutions to the weird and wonderful spaces that many British homes call their gardens. But, if you’re pursuing a design project yourself, you can stay on the right side of good design by paying attention to a small amount of crucial areas:


As it says on the tin, landscaping is what give you the landscape (shock) to work with. It creates the zones, the gradients, and the borders within which you will work your masterpiece. The patterns and colours you use will be determined by your landscaping. This is the first, and biggest, priority.


This can make all the difference in your garden, if you invest in unique boundaries like trees, walls, fences or hedges that bring in a certain ambience. This is important as it protects your garden layouts from elemental forces, but also creates those zones, and also creates privacy.


A garden without lighting is a sad garden indeed. But even sadder is a beautifully rustic garden with a series of modern light installations. Match the illumination with your surroundings, and make sure they work for both night (to light up) and day (to work aesthetically when not switched on).


Less is more, when it comes to furniture. Firstly not to distract from the natural elements, but secondly to allow for seating and movement. Also bear in mind the materials that you choose, and how they blend in with your zoning.


And last but certainly not least, planting is the most important aspect of any garden. You need to consider the structural elements of architectural planting, the seasonal aspect of making sure your garden is beautiful and functional all year round, and the maintenance element of keeping it manageable throughout.

Eden Restored is a team of passionate garden designers working throughout London, Kent and Surrey.

We deliver value-for-money on projects of any size, from inner-city courtyards to countryside cottages.

To discuss your ideas and how we can help throughout the entire process, get in touch.

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