Our cities need more of green plant life. Research shows that a city’s ambient temperature can reduce by covering a vast percentage of walls and roofs with greenery because it replaces the heat-sink elements such as the roofs to cooling foliage. The cramped space in the urban setting is the main reason why most people forego the idea of gardening.

Horizontal space could be a limiting factor, but how about going upwards? On your walls, stairs, arbours, decks, porches, and back yard. You can convert these areas to a vertical garden rather than leaving your home vulnerable to prying eyes of the neighbours and by-passers.

How do you plan for a vertical garden?

  • Think about the climatic conditions in your area; this directly affects the growth of plant species you’re considering.
  • Consider an attractive entrance to create an amazing aesthetic appeal.
  • Take your design inspiration from the environment where your plant’s species have their origin; this will help to develop unique characteristics.
  • During the design implementation stage, set up support structures.
  • Consider using aquaponics and hydroponics to bring together utility and style. In high-rise buildings, water the plants regularly.
  • Monitor the sunlight intensity to place the planters at appropriate places and intervals. Consider fitting artificial lights in areas that receive inadequate sunshine, to produce the required wavelengths for the growth of flora.

What to plant

  • Sunny areas; consider geraniums, gazanias, violas during autumn/winter, and petunias in spring/summer.
  • Shady areas; violets, bromeliads, ferns, begonias
  • Edibles; go for trailing herbs like oregano, marjoram, leafy veggies such as lettuce and spinach

Vertical gardening design ideas

  • Hanging pots
  • Gutter system
  • Self-reliance garden tower
  • Traditional trellis system
  • Aquaponic tower gardens
  • Pallet tray system
  • Bottle garden
  • Hang a basket
  • Pyramid garden
  • Reuse a shoe rack or any rack
  • Beam planter

Benefits of a vertical garden

  • It is suitable for the aged as they do not have to bend, they can tend to their plants while sitting or standing.
  • It is a fun and attractive way to create privacy.
  • It accommodates a wide variety of plant species.
  • It gives you a whole feel-good factor in your space by adding life to dull walls.
  • It provides a cooling effect on our environment.
  • It supports sustainable living and, at the same time, easy to create.
  • It gives you large yields in
  • much less space.
  • Tending and harvesting are easy.

Be diverse, think about the colour of your plants, and imagine how they will look next to each other and how they will fill the space in between. Whatever plants and design you choose, keep the right balance, and have fun gardening.

Eden Restored is a team of passionate garden designers working throughout London, Kent and Surrey.

We deliver value-for-money on projects of any size, from inner-city courtyards to countryside cottages.

To discuss your ideas and how we can help throughout the entire process, get in touch.

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