I mean, it’s October, sooooo you’re pretty much too late to be planting for autumn goodness now.

But this is the time of year that everybody WANTS an autumn garden, so here’s your preparation list for next year.

All of the plants below will thrive in a British climate, and many of them will deliver all year round. But these are the plants that really come alive in autumn, bringing shades of ochre, khaki, orange, red, brown, yellow. There’s nothing like an autumnal stroll in England, and bringing that into your own garden isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Hardy plumbago

Not to be confused with that affliction of the lower back, hardy plumbago is a gorgeous plant which flowers blue from late summer and descends into a myriad of reds by autumn. It grows low and can be difficult to contain in beds, but it’s a beautiful autumnal addition to your garden which forms dense mounds. If you want to keep it isolated, it will survive happily in pots but looks at its best tumbling over edges.

Blue Enigma

Go big or go home with this strain of the Salvia plant. This can grow up to 1.5m tall, with dramatic spikes of blue (again) flowers. This is one to add unique colour, as it will retain its lighter colour throughout autumn and will continue blooming until frost. Keep it unshaded and in permeable soil, and keep an eye on it over the colder, wetter months. It can survive, but you may want to clip in summer.


This clematis resists the urge to climb, and instead manifests itself like a bushy shrubs. Its stems collect densely and form mounds of foliage, again offering a brighter splash of colour similar to hyacinths. It will thrive in autumnal conditions and survive through winter, providing it has similar conditions to the Salvia.

Hillside Black Beauty

This Bugbane will bloom in white, almost bottlebrush-like, flowers with splashes of pink. Delicately balanced above the dark violet foliage beneath, this flora will bring a very sweet scent to an autumnal garden which can feel damp and heavy. If you’re able to keep it in moist soil with a little sun, the roots won’t dry out and no pests will trouble it. An easy win for the later months.


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