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The garden design world can sometimes feel like it’s split in two. In one camp are those who love traditional gardens, those with wildflower meadows and red brick walls and rustic charm. In the other are the modern and contemporary innovators, who design outdoor spaces to match our updated styles of living. Like any good politician, we love all of our constituents. Some of our favourite projects have been those that brought these two styles together, and we’ve worked on both styles individually and loved every minute.

But starting with those who lean more towards the contemporary flavour, we’ve compiled some of our team’s top tips with those of our favourite designers. We’ll cover the opposite soon, but for now here’s the rundown on modern garden design:


No tie-dye allowed, I’m afraid. Generally, a simple colour scheme goes a long way to building that contemporary feel in a garden. Make use of what you will undoubtedly have (lots of green) and pair it with something neutral (white works well). Two colours is enough, you’ll get other splashes from the flowerbeds, but stick to white for your architecture (spraying any rendering or brick this colour) and use green to accent the space.


The contemporary feel is often achieved by tugging against nature slightly, making your outdoors feel like part of your home. You’ve heard the “there are no straight lines in nature” line before, so use that to your advantage. Plant, box and grow in rows and intervals that help modernise and tidy a space. You can also use geometric shapes in your paths and lawns to complement this, as well as using structural plants and hedges.


Resist the urge to add flourishes or statements to the garden, less really is more in this case. Everything should have a purpose. When it comes to your furniture, don’t be tempted to follow the theme so far and opt for white plastic boxes. Here is where you can bring in contrasts to good effect, using natural (light) wood.

And finally, your lighting can make all the difference in such a structured space. Don’t focus on the type of bulb or lamp or fixture, but rather the direction of the beam. Target your textures and patterns with spotlights and uplights, to emphasise your modern garden design.


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