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Over the years, we’ve been challenged with briefs that stretch the boundaries of what’s possible in a small garden. Whether it’s a small, leftover L-shape at the side of a house; half of a shared communal space; or an alleyway between two homes…we love nothing more than getting creative with tough spaces. Sometimes having all the space in the world can stifle the imagination, but being forced to make the most of what you have can bring out the best in designers.

Based on our own experiences, case studies we love, designs we’ve come across and tips from the experts; we’ve compiled a list of short and sweet tips to help you get the most from your small garden:


Even the most compact space can enjoy the intrigue generated by partitioning a garden. Choose dividing elements that have enough height to create ‘rooms’ but leave slits and gaps to create glimpses. Be subtle, be creative.


Intrigue is a powerful tool in small spaces. As well as glimpses, utilise sound via fountains behind plants, tall grasses that will rustle between borders. All of this creates a sense of space, atmosphere and journey in limited areas.


Utilising a single mature specimen in a modern, young or minimalist garden can be extremely dramatic. Imagine the impact of a feature fireplace in a drawing room. It creates a focal point, around which the space is arranged. Utilise mature potted trees or shrubs to give small gardens grandeur.


This goes without saying. Statement pieces should be few and far between, in reality probably only one in a small garden. Choose few plants and repeat them throughout, choose one material and play with shades. Less is always more…

There’s nothing more thrilling than seeing a small garden executed with simplicity and style. We’ve been in 15m x 15m gardens that feel grandiose and luxurious, in a way that country courtyards amidst rolling meadows cannot replicate. Think of the feeling you get when looking at extreme minimalist art, it can feel profound and impactful by the lack of detail. That’s what good small garden design feels like too.

Eden Restored is a team of passionate garden designers working throughout London, Kent and Surrey.

We deliver value-for-money on projects of any size, from inner-city courtyards to countryside cottages.

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