Your garden is an extension of your home, and your chance to set it apart from the rest of your neighbourhood. But renovating and maintaining a garden can be a costly exercise. Fortunately, there are several ways you can improve your garden on a budget.

Ensure you plan ahead

Planning is one of the key things you need to do to achieve your dream garden. It’s a lot easier to stick to a budget if you have made a proper plan. First of all, it is useful to see what you already have and can re-use, from bigger things to sheds and greenhouses, to smaller things like plant pots. This will give you an idea of what you need to buy. You could also plan to do certain areas at a time.

Save money on plants

If you dream of a lush garden full of plants, you might find that this is one of the bigger expenses when renovating your garden. There are many different ways to save money on plant, including growing them from seed, which is probably the most cost-effective as most seeds are incredibly cheap. Making your compost is another way to save money here, and you can also swap plants with any friends or neighbours who have different ones that would make a pleasant addition to your garden. Pick your seasons too. Bare root plants are more affordable in the autumn and winter, and if you look into it you will find that plant prices change through the year.

Use shapes to your advantage

Something that is free and can make a massive difference to your garden is changing the shape of the lawn. By simply changing the shape you can create an optical illusion that makes your garden look a lot bigger. All you would need to do is mark it out with string and then cut away the excess grass with a spade.

Use gravel paths

Gravel paths are a seriously cost-effective way of brightening up your garden. Simply create a border and then fill in with gravel. Gravel in different colours can be found in most DIY stores, and there are usually many inexpensive options. Try to make a good estimate on how much you will need so that you do not end up buying too much.


Eden Restored is a team of passionate garden designers working throughout London, Kent and Surrey.

We deliver value-for-money on projects of any size, from inner-city courtyards to countryside cottages.

To discuss your ideas and how we can help throughout the entire process, get in touch.

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