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Looking after the planet, becoming more carbon neutral and being mindful of waste are all important social movements that apply to your garden too. By creating a sustainable garden, you can help to build a space to enjoy that is also good for the planet too. Here are just a few tips on how to create your greenest garden space yet.

Grow Your Own Organic Foods

Choosing to grow your own organic food in your garden is a wonderful way to give back to the environment, no matter what size of garden you have. Vines are great if you are lacking space, with tomatoes and peas able to grow on fences or trellises and strawberries thrive in a hanging basket. If you have a bit more room, try creating a raised bed as a quicker way to access a deep layer of fertile soil and try to plant vegetables that work well together for a better crop yield. For example, carrots and leeks make great companions as do beetroot and garlic.

Select Your Plants With Care

When choosing what to plant in your sustainable garden, pick plants which are perennial and will look after themselves. Opt for a wide variety of plants for your garden in order to encourage a more balanced mini ecosystem. Make sure you are including lots of flowers amongst your plants to help encourage insect visitors or try adding a pollinator bee house too.

Plant Some Trees

Although not all garden spaces will allow for this, try to incorporating planting some trees if at all possible. Trees restore the carbon balance in the atmosphere and are also a great way to help regulate the temperature in your garden, providing shade in summer and leafless branches in winter that won’t obstruct the light.

Put Down the Power Tools

There are plenty of different tools on the market nowadays that make gardening tasks quicker and easier. But why not take the time to care for your garden the old fashioned way instead? Try swapping out your power lawnmower for a push reel lawnmower to reap the benefits. Not only will it last for more seasons, as long as you keep the blades sharpened, it can also provide a great form of exercise too. Remember to compost as much of your garden waste as you can in order to keep your green space as sustainable as possible.


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