Like any other industry, garden design has an upper echelon of creative professionals who have international acclaim for their work. You’ll have seen their designs on television and at some of the big flower shows around the world. Here at Eden Restored, we all have our individual favourites but we make sure to pay attention to what any of them say. So we’re sharing some of the best tips and tricks that we’ve come across, from the voice of the garden design oracles…

Joe Swift (

Joe goes against the natural inclination of lots of homeowners, by saying that there is always room for a tree or two – and you should always try and plant one. He calls the impact of a tree “instant and dramatic” and that a garden without one “always feels as if it is missing something.” Joe makes a good point about trees being low maintenance and adding immediate height to any space, not to mention shade and privacy.

He recommends amelanchiers, crab apples and sorbuses; as trees that flower and fruit to add an extra dimension to the garden throughout autumn. For winter, he recommends trees like snakebark maples and silverbirches – which are also great for wildlife.

Jinny Blom (

One of Jinny’s best tips doesn’t touch organic at all, she wants us to pay attention to the tools that we use. She talks about the beauty of tools, which of course make us more likely to care and use for them when the time calls. Having confidence in the ability of your tools makes those necessary chores all the more doable – not to mention enjoyable.

Nobody wants rusty shears that splinter whatever they cut, but a beautiful bronze pair that work cleanly and economically – are practically a pastime!


Adam Frost (

Adam Frost acknowledges that most of us have shrinking gardens, as we move into cities or extend our homes into outdoor spaces. He also acknowledges the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables in our diets, particularly local organic produce. And he thinks our own gardens can solve this.

He describes the incorporation of edibles into borders (interplanting) as “a great way to engage the whole family.” He campaigns against ornamental currants and rhubarbs, asking “why not simply grow the edible varieties?” Even with limited space, any family should be able to grow enough edible produce to influence a couple of meals or desserts in the average working week.


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