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Every garden design brief is different – colourful plants aren’t always on the agenda. Some clients theme their outdoor spaces to mimic a particular style, culture or seasonal look, but for most gardens; colourful plants are a welcome addition. Even if you haven’t had your outdoors properly designed, a few small splashes of colour can transform your space into a beautiful scene for relaxing and entertaining.

With summer trying its utmost to blossom (do you remember that one-week-summer in May 2017? People will say…) now is a great time to explore these colourful splashes of flora.

Abu Hassan Tulips

Tulips come in all shapes, sizes and colours and have long been a favourite of summer garden lovers. These particular tulips are vibrant and rich, with golden-edged burgundy petals. They offer a regal and vibrant feel, avoiding the bright harsh colours that can often be overpowering in summer flower beds. The stems complement the petals perfectly, making these a great flower to plant en-masse without the need for complementing species (although anything in light or bright green works well.)

These tulips flower from April and need good drainage in a sunny spot. If you’re planning for next year, plant them in October after it gets cooler and give them 20cm depth with 8cm space between them.

Prinses Juliana Geums

The lesser known, but just as beautiful, ‘Prinses Juliana’ Geums offer another warm colour. These fiery orange blooms flower in April and are fully glowing by the time summer arrives. Similar to the tulips, these flowers are complemented perfectly by their own stems (and leaves too) – and you can expect younger blooms to continue appearing throughout summer. Spread them out front of a border in full sun, they have a great 60cm height and 45cm spread making them an economic coverall for any bed. Just make sure the bed is well-drained yet moist – and these guys are easy to grow.

Papaver ‘Beauty of Livermere’

The biggest on our list of colourful plants, this poppy can reach up to 5 feet tall in deep black/scarlet petals. The important thing to note about these flowers are that each bloom can have particularly short lifespans, but a dense planting will produce lots and lots of flowers throughout May and June.

These poppies love sunny spots with air to breathe – and moist, well-drained soil.


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