Last week we looked at the different types of frost and the damage that they can do. As enlightening as it might be (we find it interesting!), it won’t necessarily help you prepare. But fear not, this article will…

As discussed in our previous post, some perennials and hardy plants can survive without your helping hand. But the vast majority of common garden plants are tender and not equipped to deal with the biting British winter alone;

  • Houseplants
  • Tropical plants
  • Shrubs which bloom in spring
  • Tender bulbs
  • Vulnerable trees (azalea, cherry, citrus etc.)
  • Summer vegetable crops (tomatoes, peppers etc.)
  • Summer annuals (petunias, geraniums etc.)

What are my options?




Relocate – Plants already in containers have it easy, you can just bring them inside for the colder months. Tender bulbs can be dug up and kept in a cool, dry place until spring.

Water – Despite what you might think, given that water freezes (!), consistent watering can provide protection for your plants. Desiccation (drying out) is one of the biggest risks of frost damage, so the additional water can safeguard against that; as well as insulating the soil and cells.

Protect – For a quick fix, sometimes it can be as simple as putting a pot or bucket over vulnerable plants during the cold marches of the night. Make sure you remember to uncover each morning, or else they will be insulated against the rising temperature of the day.


Cover – Trees and shrubs too large for a bucket can be covered with fabrics, like sheets and sacks. This will insulate in the same way a blanket will, but again remember to uncover each morning.

Mitigate – Despite appearances, some plants can recover from deep freezes even if you can see damage. You might have a season without their fruit or their flowers, but don’t write them off immediately. Let the weather warm, see if there’s any new growth, and remove any broken or dead parts of the plant.





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