Veggies You Can Start Growing In Spring

How To Choose Your Plants
Preparing Your Garden For Summer

With spring fast approaching, if you intend on growing your own veggies you can start as soon as there is that extra light and warmth that the change in season brings.

There are some, of course, that need to be planted during winter to guarantee the best yield, like strawberries for instance, there are many others you can start during spring.

Brussels Sprouts

Before you say “yuck” and dismiss them, you should give these little veggies a chance. When you cook them properly, they can be exceptionally tasty. You need to take care not to over boil them and could even fry them or bake them. A little salt and butter wouldn’t go amiss to really give them a nice flavour.

You should sow seeds late into March and no later than mid-April with a view to harvesting them during September through to the following March.

As Brussels grow on large plants they are most content and thrive in the garden. As each individual plant is likely to yield a lot, you should limit yourself to planting just a few.


Most of us probably spend a fortune on carrots every month. AS they are incredibly easy to grow, you could save a fair bit on your weekly shop. They should be sown during spring and will be ready within 12 to 16 weeks. Although carrots do grow well in gardens, they also grow in window boxes, as long as they are placed 30 cm deep.


A member of the cabbage family, kale is packed with nutrients and distinctive flavor. They should be sowed during the early weeks of spring for a summertime harvest.

Similarly to other salad veggies, they will happily grow in hanging baskets or pots as long as they are in a sunny and warm spot.


Spinach has leaves that are full of minerals and vitamins and perfect for adding to pastas, curries, salads and smoothies. They are also particularly easy to grow.

You can sow them during early springtime and you won’t have to wait long to enjoy them during summer.

They can be sown in a small and sunny area of the garden, or even in windows boxes or plant pots. You don’t need to have a huge amount of space to grow them, so you can even do it in the most shallow of containers. You need to be sure that you don’t plant them too close together.


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