Our clients come from all walks of life. Sure, we have lots of keen gardeners and people who use their gardens as an extension of their home. But we also have clients who want an overhaul of their gardens to allow them to be very hands-off in maintenance of their space. From this particular group, one of the most popular requests is a flowerbed that works for all seasons. Whilst there’s not really such a thing as a “no-maintenance flowerbed”, we’ve tried to get as close as we can to a bed that will look stunning all year round.

Here are our favourite 3 plants for all-round beauty:

Amelanchier lamarckii

Like most plants, the Amelanchier lamarckii is most beautiful in spring. It’s widely feted as one of the most beautiful spring flowers, with its five distinct snow-white petals, and its grassy yellow heart. As for how it looks throughout the year, summer berries grow a deeper and deeper crimson (and attract lots of birds!) In autumn, leaves go yellow through orange on brown stems. In winter, it becomes a stark ornamental plant with stunning grey stems.

Mahonia eurybracteata

As a true evergreen, the Mahonia eurybracteata is hardy and will grow in almost any type of soil. It will tolerate direct sunlight or shady beds and requires little to no intervention from you. In late autumn, its flowers seem to explode in perfume and as you roll toward winter; navy blue berries begin to appear. The subspecies ganpinensis is a more subtle, wildflower-like version which flowers in late summer with bright yellow petals.

Nandina domestica

Another plant which needs little-to-no maintenance, the Nandina domestica is surprisingly elegant considering its hardiness. In spring, the leaves shoot with a creamy salmon-pink subtlety, which slowly become white star flowers towards autumn. Rich green leaves are replaced by embers and ochres as spring concludes. Best thing? Leaves maintain their colour throughout the whole of winter, whilst berries sprout in merlot.

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