New Build Gardens

New Build Revisited

New build houses can offer their owners many advantages, the most obvious being that everything from the roof and windows all the way through to the appliances and systems is new. New build houses offer less maintenance and repair and are often more energy efficient. They also offer a blank interior canvas for the owner to stamp their style and personality onto.

Whilst all of the above is great, in many cases the condition of new build gardens leave much to be desired! They often lack both function and quality, leaving you with simply an empty space.

But this isn’t all doom and gloom, this actually presents a wonderful opportunity to take hold of the garden and really make it something special!

The blank nature of the garden allows endless opportunity to redesign the space linking it to the property to create a more seamless blend between house and home, making the interior and exterior as personal in style as each other.

Most new build gardens are left with minimal hard landscaping and planting and are often fairly flat sites, this is actually rather beneficial to the owners when redesigning their garden; as it relieves the amount of ground and clearance work needing to be done; which can be a costly phase of works if dealing with a highly mature or undulating site.

Take the opportunity to reinvigorate your new build garden and turn your blank canvas into your dream garden whether it be an eco-friendly haven or a clean and contemporary courtyard!

If you have a new build garden and would like to discuss the options for your garden project then send us a message today or give us a call on 0207 183 0504.

Also look out for our updates, with two new build garden projects currently in process…

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