How To Make The Most Of A Small Space

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How To Get Your Planting Scheme Right

Repeat after me: small gardens are a blessing, not a curse.

They may demand a little more creativity, but small spots can be beautiful spots too:

Use a Min Greenhouse

Greenhouses don’t have to be algae-ridden hulks at the bottom of the garden. When you’re faced with a challenge on space, you can opt for cabinet-style greenhouses that can be fixed against the wall in a sun-drenched spot. Suspended from the ground and easily maintained, you can welcome a greenhouse into any sized garden.

Planters under your Kitchen Window

Using sleepers, you can create a quick and easy trough under your kitchen window. Again, this can be suspended, but ti works just as well at ground level. Proximity to the kitchen makes it a perfect spot for herbs without taking up too much space, and you can just open your window and grab some basil when you need it.


If you have brick in your garden, you can mount shelves into your wall (again, sleepers) with wrought iron brackets. Use potted plants and outdoor ornaments to bring the space to life, and create a sense of depth in a shallow space.

A Living Wall

Living walls were once only used as part of designer installations. However, they can now be used as part of residential gardens, especially small gardens. These textured plantings make the best use of your limited space. To create a vertical garden, the plants are rooted in a structure attached to the wall. Shrubs, perennials, herbs and even fruits can be used.

Plant in Pots

A lawn doth not make a garden. It is especially so if you live in the city, where open ground is hard to find. A low-maintenance option like gravel can be just as stylish. You can have plots filled with herbs, fruit trees, and even tall, bushy trees. Combine with some garden furniture; you can have that tiny garden you always wanted.

Use Symmetry to Your Advantage

Design a classic layout that uses a central lawn with symmetrical borders. It’ll create a tiny garden that feels formal and elegant while being spacious and organised as well. Use plants to draw the eyes to a central element. The brick baths can be lined with lavender and purples spires of foxglove.

Use Mirror Trickery

Its all in the illusion of creating more space than you actually have. A mirror panel on one side of your garden will help the perception that your garden is twice the size. Complement it modern linear fencing and to enhance a sense of privacy, use ornamental grasses, climbing plants, and potted evergreens.

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