Growing an English Country Garden

Succulent Succulents…
Preparing Your Garden For Spring

Country garden design is every designer’s dream. Often liberating, as space is rarely a challenge, country gardens offer a chance to mix iconic, classical design with splashes of modernism. We’ve designed and planned a number of country gardens, both large and small, across Kent and the South East. Some of our fondest afternoons have been spent working under the sun and amidst the scent of honeysuckle. Before we start daydreaming, here are the most important components to consider when you’re designing an English country garden…

Country walls

Hedges are classic British and offer the garden designer a chance to add walls to the outdoor rooms being created in a garden. Alongside paths and behind borders, hedges can be used to separate lawns and walkways; and create privacy and senses of enclosure. Utilise shaped hedges, like archways, to create frames of views or to direct guests around the flow of the garden.

Speaking of views…

Country gardens often have showstopper pieces. Often in the centre or back of the garden, think of those iconic stone fountains or landscaped garden ponds that command the eye. Features like this offer focus to a garden, whether they be sculptures, seating or fountains; they’re designed to provide a focal point and to command the attention of anybody nearby.


It would be irresponsible of us to tell you to go wild here but…go wild. You can rarely go wrong in country gardens, as most homeowners want them to mimic meadows and fields; and this have that wild aspect. Make sure you leave enough room betwixt lawns and walkways for good-sized flowerbeds, ones that can take at least a few tiers of planting. Use climbers and structured plants at the back to create height, and then come down in size to the first tier; leading a couple of metres for a border.

And about that lawn…

Don’t get tempted to go circular, or particularly creative with the patterns. Whilst popular in contemporary gardens, they are distinctly urban and can detract from the countryside meadow appeal of a proper English country garden. Stick with right angles and consider a collection of grass seeds, to complement the wildflower beds.


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