Getting It Done: Garden Tasks for June

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What’s that coming over the hill, is it the summer? Is it the summer?

Kind of, although we can never really be sure. It’s been quite a mild spring, which is helping with giving us the time, energy and inclination to get out into the garden. Most of us won’t have been out there much since the start of the year, but now it all goes into overdrive.So if this summer is going to be as warm as they say it will be, we have some preparation to do. June is a month for consistency – weeding, watering and feeding.

Nutrition and Care

With the weather warming, you’ll need to give some time to anything potted or bedded. And vegetables. Make sure that you’re liquid feeding your containers every fortnight, unless you’re ahead of the game with those fancy control-release jobbies (we recommend them by the way, it’s not cheating.) Your salad veggies (like tomatoes and peppers) will need some potassium around now, and keep this going every fortnight too.

Harvest and Weed

It’s just your onions in June. Once the leaves turn yellow, get your fingers in the soil and gently start working the crop out. Store in a cool, dark place.Whilst you’re harvesting, you’re in the right headspace to also be weeding. Make your way through every garden bed, every week, as now is the season when weeds come out in force. They’re on the hunt for your plants’ moisture, nutrients and lights. Mulch will help keep them away.

Indoors, Outdoors

You’ll have filled your house with summering house plants if you’ve read any of our previous blogs, because who doesn’t love a home that smells of the beautiful outdoors? Well now that you’re almost ready to move the sofa and television onto the patio, it’s also time to give those houseplants what they’ve been craving. Freedom! Move them outside before June is over to give you the best blooms.This month will see the longest day of the year in terms of sunlight, so you can expect all the extra light and warmth to put your blossoms into overdrive. It’ll also give the weeds some confidence, so be prepared for that too. Mowing once a week starts now, as does shading the greenhouse.

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