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When I came to look at the list of outstanding chores that I have to do in my garden now that August is here, I had a bit of a moment of realization that we’re two-thirds of the way through 2014. I don’t know about you, but I can remember celebrating this year’s arrival like it was just yesterday. It’s been a very busy and exciting 8 months and the next 4 are looking like more of the same. Still, it’s important to get some time to yourself. Whether you’re a plumber, a secretary or a managing director – taking a morning or afternoon to get your garden in order is one of the most rewarding things you’ll do this week. It’ll also save you a hell of a lot of time later down the line. Ready?

Holiday Hazards

August is the busiest month for airports up and down the country, as we jet off to sunnier climes for a well-deserved break. Whilst we soak up the rays, it’s important to remember that our gardens are left at the mercy of the elements. As hardy as you think your garden might be, even the most stubborn species sometimes need a helping hand.

  • Move hanging baskets and pots into shade,
  • Set sprinkler system onto watering routine,
  • Invest in water trays for vulnerable plants,
  • Or use capillary matting to keep ground damp,
  • Call in favours from your neighbours to keep an eye on your garden!

In The Greenhouse…

We’re moving into a period now which will see a lot of pests and diseases slow down now. In the flowerbeds, there are a few repeat offenders like earwigs and wasps – but generally we’re almost there now. The greenhouse, however, is a whole other story. Look forward to continuing your fight against whitefly red spider mite and the consistent threat of grey mould. Make sure that you’re well stocked with pesticides and fungicides to keep your vulnerable species protected throughout this warmer month. One of the best weapons in your arsenal here will be proper greenhouse management, keeping both humidity and ventilation as high as possible.

Garden Design

As we can attest to, August is one of the busiest months for the harder landscaping and design jobs in the garden. Going through structural work during this month will be much more comfortable than leaving it a few weeks and finding the weather turning colder and the ground firming up. For now, the weather is warm and pleasant and the days are longer. Whether you’re looking for new paths or walls, revitalising a tired garden or making more space for entertaining – garden design is at its finest and most valuable throughout August.

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