It only takes one look at the readership of Country Living that you don’t need a farmhouse in the Cotswolds to appreciate country decor. The rise of country chic in garden design over the past twenty years has gone from the rolling hills to the heart of towns and cities. From furniture to flowers, choosing the right design elements can transform any outdoor space into country chic.

Today, we’re taking a look at 3 of our favourite countryside flora:


Foxgloves need no introduction, their drooping often-white flowers with deep purple interiors are a favourite of any country walker. Their vertical structure make them extremely useful for adding geometry to your space, at corners and along borders. They can grow up to 1.5m in height, with leaves that will spread around 50cm around the plant. They’re easy-to-keep, in moist soil and sun or shade – and will sustainably self-seed.


Any walk through the countryside will mean sweeping past some cow parsley – and ravenswing is the more sophisticated cousin. The perky, creamy-white flowers bloom from May and provides a delicate spread among grasses and borders. The stems can range from magenta to almost black, a beautiful contrast to the light petals. With a relaxed, meadow appearance – ravenswing is an ideal ‘filler’ between your ornamental or statement pieces. Low maintenance, fully hardy, drained soil, sun or partial shade.


You’ll probably have come across these snowball white flowers in early summer, the iconic globes standing out against wide, rich green leaves. Berries appear a few months after the flowers – and at this time, those leaves become a beautiful deep red. Roseum will attract wildlife and is often used in native mixed hedges, reaching a height and spread of up to 4 metres. You won’t need to worry too much about position or soil, just make sure you give it enough room to flourish. Part of the beauty of this plant is the size!

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