At this point in the year, many garden centres and home improvement shops start slashing the prices of summer products. Whilst we’re not suggesting you go out and stock up on deck chairs, you might find that prohibitively-priced water features/pond kits for your garden have now become affordable. Water in the garden should be perennial, it changes throughout the season just as plants do, so we see this as an opportunity to introduce a new element at minimal cost. Here are some of the reasons that we love water features:

Opportunity for more plant types

Most gardens are limited to land-based plants, meaning a water feature can make your outdoor space a more distinctive floral area. And what’s more, many aquatic plants are extremely affordable when compared to soil-based plants. Water lettuce and water lilies are very cheap, but provide a beautiful floating decoration for the feature that outstrips their cost. Depending on your type of water, you can also pick up exotic species from freshwater and saltwater; including coral and seaweed; affording you more opportunity to add colour too.

Wildlife attraction

Obviously with a larger water feature like a pond, the introduction of aquatic wildlife is possible. But even with smaller features, natural attraction can occur as your garden becomes a more attractive habitat. Birds, frogs and insects are more likely to visit your garden with a reliable presence of water, particularly if you have a large number of plants and trees that are native to your area.

Flexibility and complimenting

Water features come in every shape, size, style and material you can imagine – so no matter whether you have a small rooftop courtyard or a sprawling country estate, there’s a type of water feature for you. They can be implemented in almost any space and provide a fantastic opportunity to compliment other design features and spaces. A larger pond can lend a rural atmosphere to an inner city garden, or a stone feature provide some elegance and character to a roof garden.

Tranquillity and temperature

Water has been used in relaxation and meditation for thousands of years, it will add that element of tranquillity that any shape or size of garden should have. Water will also help to cool the garden down in areas where it flows. When combined with shading, it can create oases of coolness on warm summer days.

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