Eco-friendly gardening practices are forward-thinking ways of gardening, responsive to the threats of global climate change. Whether you’ve got a large garden or a small courtyard, you can easily make your outdoor area more eco-friendly by utilising affordable equipment and following a few simple principles:

Growing your own herbs and vegetables

Nothing feels better than sitting down for dinner with your own rosemary roasted spuds. You don’t need a big garden to grow your own vegetables, as many can be grown in small cylinders or containers. If you’re even more challenged on space, you can stick to herbs and low-maintenance crops. Many of these will attract useful wildlife like bees, which in turn can assist you in dealing with destructive garden pests. Pesky pests.

Start composting

Another good way to keep your home garden ecologically friendly is by putting up your compost. By doing this, you’ll be able to discard all the organic food waste in your home and make your plants enjoy the nutrient-rich and healthy soil the compost will produce. However, ensure that you understand how composting typically works before getting started. The important thing is to get a sunny spot for the compost and make sure that it does not get too dry or too moist.

Utilising natural pesticides

Using natural pesticides is an eco-friendly option to the chemical items you can purchase. You can utilise a simple chilli and garlic mixture on your garden plants to keep away any pests, and also protect your plants through the introducing of beneficial insects like ladybugs and bees to your garden. Moreover, you should also add a feeding spot for birds, since they can naturally pollinate your garden and keep away harmful insects as well.

Purchasing indigenous plants

To keep a low maintenance and eco-friendly garden, you should have lots of indigenous plants in your garden. Indigenous plants occur naturally in the specific soil, climate and space you live in. These plants require less work and offer a better habitat for wildlife. Better yet, you’ll use less water to keep your plants alive.

Installing eco-friendly furniture in your yard

You can also utilise eco-friendly furniture specifically designed for gardens. These collections of wooden furniture aren’t treated using chemicals, and you can leave them exposed in your garden even during the warm months.


While an eco-friendly lawn can be challenging to design, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. You won’t get any chemical or pesticide side effects, and you can utilise your ingenuity to recycle, up-cycle, and repurpose the items to make your garden.

These creative outdoor activities focus on reducing the discharge of greenhouse gases that happen due to the direct effect of modern gardening practices. Ecologically friendly gardening also boosts the absorption of carbon dioxide by plants and soils to lessen the impacts of global warming.


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